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Salam ... to all our cattle, may always fun as we should be here. Do not worry about other than dibimbangkan and reinforced practice, and the facility for business.
WEALTH OF THE WORLD AND WE'LL chase the farther it seems, and the next PRACTICES BUT WE'LL chase, it seems the closer ALSO ...
so much for this personal reflection hehheeehehe

Offer price of goat breeds (breeding) Dairy GOAT, DORPER, n Boer Slaughter is expected to offer it landed in November To the knowledge of all the 7th - 29th Oct we will make the selection in Australia for the buyer who has made a reservation earlier. God Willing we will ensure only the best breed of goat landed.

Thus, to anyone who is interested to get the goat breeds can be ordered immediately. We list some of the special price of sheep used for currency rate at the maximum level now ..

All Dairy Goat Seanan, Alphine, Anglo Toggenburg (fullblood)

Buck RM2700-2800
Does RM2550-2700

All Dorper SPAC master F4/F5/F6 average 30-40kg (fullblood)
Rams RM2500-2700
Ewes RM1250-1400

Farel Slaughter average weight 30-45kg
10 min oder head: RM460
min oder 20 / 30: 450
min oder 1 crate: RM440

Boer weather for slaughter average 30-35kg price RM450 for this month...... nov..!

Call us always, suko: 013-3883635 / Zizan: 016 7406141

For other breeds such as Boer and Kalahari, please contact us and there is ready stock in the cage in which we can letgo cheap-cheap no matter what obstacles are Malintang heehehe ..

All goats slps evening bath

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Ready Stock clearance sale Boer end of its 30 main + 20 = 51 pieces

- Holding 7-10 tails fullblood average 35-45kg

- Holding the tail f5/f6 purebreed 8-10 35-45kg

- Kalahari unregisted holding 3 pieces 35-40kg

- Etc. .. brownhead f2/f3/f4

TOTAL: RM29000 nettt / 51 pieces = Average RM568 perhead

wow ..! wow .... wowoowowoooooow ..............!

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